Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Effect of Pranayama

If the various exercises of Pranayama are practiced regularly, the tidal volume is increasing and the respiratory will be longer and finer. Sometimes it comes to natural behaviour of the respiratory system. From a physical point of view it is at such a fine, very slow breathing to a nearly non-turbulent, laminar air flow in the respiratory tract and bronchi, which optimizes the biochemical processes of pulmonary gas exchange. Several medical studies have shown: the regular, slow pranayama breathing leads to positive effects evaluated, such as reduced oxygen demand, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and effects on the skin conductance increased, amplitudes of theta waves in the EEG, increased parasympathetic activity, coupled with a feeling of alertness and energize.

Patanjali has already explained in his Yoga Sutras to that distractions of the mind are connected with troubled breathing and breath control that could bring the mind to concentration. Exhalation, inhalation and breathing pauses are placed in Pranayama in a certain ratio to each other. This leads to a change in the execution of sensitive activities of the mind and can lead to a regular practice, a more profound transformation of consciousness and a heightened sensitivity to subtle life activities.

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  1. Very thanks for this blog. You have beautifully described it very well. Really one who practice Pranayama will have good appetite, cheerfulness, handsome figure, good strength, courage and enthusiasm, a high standard of health, vigor and vitality and good concentration of mind. I must join the yoga classes after having your blog.